Speaker Reimbursement Program

Each club has been granted $120 per year for the reimbursement of speakers.  The program begins with the start of WVBA fiscal year, October 1, 2016.  Each club is the required to match an additional 25% of the grant from their own funds.  The amount paid to a speaker is determined by each club, using smaller amounts a few times each year or the total amount all at one time, not to exceed $120 per year.  Grants are to be used only for speaker reimbursement.

Grants are obtained by submitting the completed request voucher to treasurer Steve Roth.  Vouchers are available at the back of the hall and will also be made available at the WVBA web site.  A check will be sent to the individual club who in turn provides a check to the speaker.  Speakers will no longer be reimbursed directly by the WVBA.

All clubs are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the funds provided by the WVBA for enrichment of their educational program.