Public Service Credits

Candidates for the Certified and Master Beekeeper ranks must document a certain number of public service credits. “Public service” is defined as volunteer service or educational activity oriented around bees and beekeeping and conducted for the benefit of beekeepers or the public non-beekeeping audience.

One public service credit (PSC) equals a single, documented event of a qualified public service. Multiple repetitions of an activity may count, but only if they involve separate events or invitations. For example, two presentations to fifth-grade science classes may qualify as two PSCs but not if they are two successive class periods on the same day to the same audience.

Candidates for must present documentation to the Master Beekeeper Program Board prior to taking the written examination. The following activities are pre-approved for satisfying PSC requirements. Other activities may be admissible, but candidates are advised to contact program officers about specific cases.

  1. Presenting a bee-related lecture or workshop to non-beekeeping group (youth or adult).
  2. Assisting members of youth organizations (4-H, Scouts, FFA), etc. with project work.
  3. Mentoring a new beekeeper through at least one complete season.
  4. Giving a public demonstration on beekeeping topic at fair, festival or similar public event
  5. Providing a hive of bees to pollinate a public garden.
  6. Establishing and maintaining an observation hive for school or civic group.
  7. Publication of beekeeping and related topic articles in journals, newsletter, etc.
  8. Serving as an officer of a local or state beekeeping organization, attending at least 75% of the meetings.
  9. Construction of an exhibit or working at a beekeeping exhibit open to the public at least 6 hours.
  10. Judging honey and or beekeeping products at fairs or other competitions.
  11. One to one instruction to beginning beekeepers.
  12. Teach a section of a beekeeping class.