Grant and Award Programs

Annual Grant Program

Grant applications are to be submitted on the GRANT APPLICATION form found in the button below; the form may also be requested from the WVBA treasurer. The application must be submitted to the WVBA treasurer by December 31 to be considered in that year. Grant funding requests may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Purchase of beekeeping related equipment for a local association
  2. Pollinator habitat development
  3. Honey bee education or research projects
  4. Cooperative projects with other agencies centered on honey bee related projects
  5. Distribution of miticides or other bee health items
  6. Additional funding for the spring conference

Funds may be requested for individuals, beekeeping associations, community groups, or non-profit organizations. Grants generally will not be awarded for personal beekeeping materials or commercial enterprises.

The grant committee is comprised of four members appointed annually by the WVBA president and chaired by the WVBA treasurer. The treasurer is not a voting member unless required to break a tie.

Applications may be submitted by clubs or members at large.  Application are limited to one per club and will not be accepted from members applying independently. Grant applications are to be submitted to the treasurer for presentation to the committee members by December 31. Submissions are then considered by committee members and awarded by a majority vote. The treasurer and committee members may submit grant applications but are not permitted to vote on their submission. Disputes in grant awarding will be submitted to the WVBA executive committee for resolution.

Grants will be awarded based on the priority ranking approved by grant committee members, as well as funding available, not to exceed $3000 annually. Each award is limited to no more than $1,000.00. Winning applicants will be announced on January 31 and the money will be awarded at that time. All grants recipients must provide a follow up report to the WVBA treasurer no later than 1 year from the date of award; any unused moneys must be returned to the WVBA at that time.  Winning applicants may not apply for grants for two consecutive years following the year of their winning application with the exception of each new Spring Conference Committee.

Annual continuation and budget of this program will be determined at the November WVBA Board of Directors meeting, based on the financial stability of the WVBA and the success of the program.

All questions about this program should be addressed to the WVBA Treasurer.

Speaker Reinbursement Program

Each club has been granted $120 per year for the reimbursement of speakers.  The program begins with the start of WVBA fiscal year, October 1, 2016.  Each club is the required to match an additional 25% of the grant from their own funds.  The amount paid to a speaker is determined by each club, using smaller amounts a few times each year or the total amount all at one time, not to exceed $120 per year.  Grants are to be used only for speaker reimbursement.

Grants are obtained by submitting the completed request voucher to treasurer Steve Roth.  Vouchers are available at the back of the hall and will also be made available at the WVBA web site.  A check will be sent to the individual club who in turn provides a check to the speaker.  Speakers will no longer be reimbursed directly by the WVBA.

All clubs are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the funds provided by the WVBA for enrichment of their educational program.

Association of the Year

Association of the Year Awards in the categories of large and small associations are presented annually at the Spring Meeting. 

Large Association is defined as a membership of 50 or greater.  The Kees/Mead Award is presented to the first place winner in the amount of $100 and $50 to the second place winner.

Small Association is defined as membership less than 50.  The John Campbell Award is presented to the first Place winner in the amount of $100 and $50 to the second place winner.

Application Form is to be submitted to the WVBA Secretary two weeks prior to the Spring Meeting.

There is no limit on how often an association can receive the first place award.

Beekeeper of the Year

Criteria for West Virginia Beekeeper of the Year Candidate:

  1. Own and/or currently manage or maintain honeybee colonies.
  2. Have an adequate working knowledge of honeybee diseases and their diagnoses and control.
  3. Have an adequate working knowledge of honeybee management with respect to swarm control, honey production, division, queen rearing, etc.
  4. Be a member and play an active role in State and Local beekeeping association functions. (Note: Member is defined as being a WVBA member).
  5. Be active in local beekeeping education and honey promotion.

The nominee’s spouse is encouraged to be included.

The association, at the Fall Meeting, shall select by ballot, the West Virginia Beekeeper of the Year from nominations submitted by member associations.  To be accepted, the nomination must be received by the secretary in writing 7 days prior to the Fall Meeting.  The secretary shall present the candidates to the Association.  To vote a person must be a member of the WVBA.  The Beekeeper of the Year award will be presented at the West Virginia Honey Festival.