WVBA Membership information

MEMBERSHIP TYPE                            DUES       CARD       UNIQUE ID#        VOTE       NEWSLETTER

Member at large: dues direct to Treasurer

Annual: joint (for a couple/family)          $7            one                  yes                yes-one              yes

Annual: one person                                 $7            one                  yes                    yes                  yes

Lifetime: joint (for a couple/family)     $105           one               yes-one            yes-one              yes

Lifetime: one person                            $105           one                  yes                    yes                   yes

Through membership of local association

Annual: joint                                             $6             one               yes-one             yes-one             yes

Annual: one person                                 $6             one                   yes                    yes                  yes

Lifetime: joint                                          $90             one               yes-one             yes-one             yes

Lifetime: one person                              $90             one                   yes                    yes                  yes

Here’s how membership works:

  • Member at Large, paying annually or as a lifetime member (one time payment).  The application form is available on the website if using this method; send directly to the Treasurer of WVBA.
  • Pay dues through a local association if you are a member of one.

Paying early in the calendar year

No matter what date annual dues are paid for any calendar year, membership is valid only to the last day of the year in which you paid.  So, there’s more for your money when paying early in the year.


If you pay before the February newsletter submission deadline, you should receive the electronic edition of the spring and fall issues for that year, as well as the following year’s spring issue.  To receive the fall issue, dues must be received by October 1. Contact information, including an email address must be accurately submitted to avoid missing newsletters.  If you do not receive an email edition, please contact the Editor or Treasurer as soon as possible to update your email address.  Printed versions are no longer sent to members.  Local clubs are encouraged to provide printed editions for their members who do not have email addresses.  Newsletters are always available online www.wvbeekeepers.org

Lower registration fee for fall conference

Members of WVBA also avoid paying a nonmember surcharge when they register for the fall conference and can further reduce tuition fees if registering early.

Waived conference tuition

Club members who complete a novice program are give free admission to the fall conference in that year.

Access to grants and speaker reimbursement

Three grants are given annually to local clubs to up to $1000 per year for projects and equipment purchase as well as up to $120 per year for reimbursement of speaker’s fees.

Voting at board meetings and fall meeting

For every annual/lifetime membership paid, there is one vote to use at meetings.

Meetings of the Board take place in November, February and June at the Shoney’s Restaurant in Flatwoods, WV; there is also a general meeting for members at the fall conference.

These events, and the spring conference/meeting (hosted by a local association each year) are always posted on the website calendar and/or upcoming events section.

Dues reminders The WVBA does not send out reminder/renewal notices.  Dues to renew membership are welcome any time from November for the following year, and throughout the year for the current calendar year.

Questions?  Contact the WVBA treasurer at WVBAtreasurer@gmail.com